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Free DHTML Scripts

One of the most popular ways to add dynamic effects to your site is using DHTML scripts. The most useful DHTML scripts include menu navigation systems, mouse trailers, dynamic clocks, slide shows, loading bar, message scrollers, layer effects, and more. Using dynamic HTML in your webpages gives your visitors a good user experience. Here, I have listed some great sites which offer webmasters free DHTML scripts. I hope you will find many useful scripts by visiting these links. Good luck!

Dynamic Drive
Dynamic Drive is a great place to go and find a lot of excellent DHTML scripts. Their 14 categories include navigation systems, mouse trail effects, dynamic content, user/system preferences, dynamic clocks, and more. They also have some online code generators where you can customize the script by choosing your own theme and attributes. A must site for all webmasters.

This site is an another excellent source of free DHTMl scripts. They have countless number of scripts under 13 very unique categories including animation, layer effects, slide shows, number crunchers, mouse trailers, and games. You can find a specific script easily and quickly by using their simple navigation system. Information of browser support for each script is stated beside it. Another must site for all webmasters.

Simply-the-best Scripts
These guys have categorized their countless number of scripts under 14 various categories including animation, buttons, menus, scrollers, enhancements, and tables. They have live demos and the browser support information for their scripts. Simple navigation system makes it possible to find any script in a minute. This site has some useful JavaScripts too. Another must site for all webmasters.

DHTML Central
These guys have only 19 scripts under 4 simple categories. However, most of them are very unique and abnormal. Their scripts include slide menu, side scroll, spotlight, loading bar, and circle menu. They have a well-formatted live demo of each script so it's easy for you to choose the right scripts for your site.

Kurt's DHTML
This site has a lot of unique and useful DHTML scripts. Good graphical user interfaces of the scripts make them outstanding from the scripts offered by other sources. The negative aspect of this site is that it's hard to find a specific script since there's no navigation system or anything like that. Anyhow, it's well worth your time if you check it out.

DHTML Effects
This site offers 20 free DHTML scripts. The scripts are very neat and well-constructed. You can either generate HTML code for yourself or download the code as a zip file. Good demos make it easier to see how each script works. You can also purchase all the scripts for only $20.

Kazaap's Free DHTML
This site has a total of 33 individual scripts. Some of them are very useful. Every script has a live demo, and browser support information beside it. Well worth your time if you check it out.

Code Toad
Code Toad has many links pointing to the sources where you can find actual code for the linked script type. These guys have found out a collection of unique and well-constructed scripts around the web which can be used by all webmasters. It must have required a great effort and time to do that. Code Toad works like a simple directory of DHTML scripts.

Code Grabber
This site lists a variety of DHTML scripts pointing to the sites where the actual codes can be found. However, these guys have their own description of each script. This site also works like a simple directory.

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